Gotta break it down down down
Only if ya let it [don't let it]
Everyday crazy situations rise in my mind
Tryin' to break me down
But I won't let it, forget it
You feel the same way that I do
But let me help y'all all sing too
Sing "It's all right, it's all right, it's all right," yeah
Hopin' for the sun, but it looks like rain
POD'd but it's still the same
Came this far, but it's been a long road
Trouble's gonna come but we gotta stay strong
Hold on, hold on


Aw yeah I feel the pressures yo
But nevertheless, Krayzie won't fall
It's over
It's endin' here, here
I said it's over
It's endin' here, here
So I'll be on my way
And maybe we can meet up in the future one day
But for now I'm bailin', bailin'
Baby baby gotta get up
Can't take no more
Headed for the door
Come and take a look into the humble light
Tell me if we lived a lie
The Lord has told you not


Every new day is a test for me
So I just pray to the Lord that he'll bless me please
Struggles I'm goin' through lately
Breaks me down, set me free
Let me be, let me be
Who else do I have to rely on?
Whose shoulder can a thug go cry on?
Can I get my vibe on?
While you look into my eyes
Won't underestimate this soldier story
I'm a tell you right now I won't stand up
Wrong if I let my lead bust
Pac say "keep your head up"
Don't let this world get the best of you
I'm a stress to do if it's over, over, over
Don't breakdown yet, it's over