Title 75
It's All Real
Krayzie Bone and the Bone, with my mighty mighty warriors, warriors. With my mighty mighty warriors warriors.
this is All Real, what you see (Tru in me)I say it's All Real, it's just tha thug in me
Nigga just because Krayzie cries,. Cross me pleaze, don't be mistaken my knidness for weakness. I'm gon' be ready ta rumble by violence, all I can't deny, and if you check it and I'll...check tha nine. If you could see me quiet then I'm plottin' to riot. Why? Tell me why. In tha eyez, I'm leavin' 'em in dust, but I like it. Destroy, paranoid, will make me blow you away, but hey. Nigga not too close ta me, and it ain't, wasn't supposed to be. Nigga won't respect, for what ah you showed me. Playa-hatin, anticipate tha day that you can see me fall. Betta act like you know, rollin' wit' mo' posse ah. Do damage and manage to work ah low way out of handcuffs. As we strut, fast-paced we must. Doin' our best to obey cop-man in this timez, you gotta do what ya gotta do, war 'till 99. Yeah nigga, gotta get up, they come and get it if they smell it comin'. Now I got 'em all up on me, give ah second. Krayzie say ya soft, come and get it if ya really want it, yeah. There, there, there'z hatin', baby it's got me so cold. Ya gotta be heartless in certain situations, like we turn against 'em.
Krayzie keepin' it all real, we keepin' it all real, wit' tha real, if it's real, if it's real, stay real, be real. {repeat 1x)
We comin' wit' nuthin' but tha real thang baby. Krayzie got nuthin' but tha real thang baby. We come wit' nuthin' but tha real thang baby. Krayzie got nuthin' but tha real thang, tha real thang, bang.
Baby now this is tha sound, look it my tru's, we put this down, way down. So now when ya hear me releasin' some shellz. Hit tha ground wit' tha quckness, lay then stay down. On tha darkside, take ah look and you'll find, tru niggaz like neva tha kind. Niggaz let's up tha wine, and go inside, so slow sleep, we get high.
Ain't nuthin' get to nuthin', sumthin' got to be real, real, sumthin' got to be real. {repeat 1x)
I still be thuggin, and I can get boots and scully, and see that we fiend foe tha green leavez, gotta make that money, man. {repeat 1x}
It's real Alwayz {repeat 6x}
We straight up P.O.D'd, mista my quijia, quijia, and I'm feelin' dis fucked up' state of mind. Stuck in ah dreamin', I see demonz screamin' tellin' me it's time ta die. Why me? I see some nigga and he comin' ta get and they creepin' outside ah my window. I'm ready ta bang, bang, bang. Aim tha 12 gage pump, when I let go. Give it up foe tha bloody murda mo', bloody murda mo', mo', Bone. See dem niggaz when they come through tha window, had ta put ah dig ah hole in their sole. Did they getaway? Runnin' out me backdoor, wit' ah me sawed-off swangin'. Get ready ta duck now, to tha cuts, puff me bat pow.
Claim my thang, then slang, them bloody bodiez kill 'em all, send them hoez up in flamez, Krayzie insane to tha brain. {repeat 1x)
Now I know what it is, and debted my time, 'cause tha devil was stuck in my mind, messin' wit' my mind. Made tha Bone stoned, doomed of ah deadly eye. Turn tha wheel as ah gooda day, I can do it If only pray, maintain, 'cause ah nigga was bustin', foe tha money that was needed, 'cause ah nigga was strugglin'. Gotta get 'em with maul spray. All heard, 'bout Mr. Sawed-Off Leatha Face, still remain. Round after round, after round, don't fall down. May dey lay, may dey lay, from tha eruption man. We puttin' 'em 6 feet deep, we bustin' caps.