Title 42
Tha Crossroads Remix
Da Introduction
Welcome to tha darkside! It's Tha Thuggish Ruggish Bone! St. Clair St. Clair St. Clair! It's Tha Thuggish Ruggish Bone! Eternal Eternal Eternal! It's Tha Thuggish Ruggish Bone! Gotta Give It on up to tha glock glock pop pop better drop in a buckshot cause tha bone n me never dem hustle n creepin on out of tha ziplock so zen suggen n little mo heart better load up the clip in me slipped in the clip in n takin a bloody victim to tha test nut! It's Tha Thuggish Ruggish Bone! Buck buck buck buck buck! Hahahahahaha! Right back at yo mutha fuckin ass, comes those real true thugs straight off tha double glock! puttin it down foe tha muthafuckin land! Takin no shorts no losses! Puttin it on you you jealous, Bitch made playa hatin ass niggaz! You betta tell em whats real bitch! takin no more shit in tha nine-5! I bring to you, tha one and only, Bone Thugs ~N~ Harmony! Nigga dis St. Clair St. Clair, St.Clair! (chorus) Execution Double Nine Style, Steadily fillin dem Bodies Underground. Bizzy B.O.N.E. It will be all about that yayo bankroll, gotta make that money man payroll put it in tha door gotta beat them hoes n I put em in bang gotta get them demons off me! Keepin em softly seepin up through my soul well sleepin ain't good to good! When I'm all alone I don't n never watch tha door! When I won't be slippin up wit tha thugs I deal With, Wit a trail of 12 guage shells blood will spill! 187 n a 211, 12 guage, n an AK47 spray little Ripsta kill em all! put em off in tha grave daily when tha smug slug crawl up in ya, but I roll wit tha realer niggaz pop pop drop from tha sound of tha ground n I'm off ta kill ya! Krayzie B.O.N.E. Dem St. Clair Thugs We love When They pumpin dem slugs now what see tha dove from scud, when I dug them enemies into tha mud! They drug wit my trus, snooze you lose, n get in tha line tah get fucked up! wazzup wit them shoes ew they new, so leave em at home or my dogs drugs, Plus I left at tha block Hey nigga! oh no tha popo they follow! Coppa wanna see tha nigga hangin behind tha school, But nigga remember my motto... Me no surrender gotta get away from tha feds wit my quickness! Hangin to tha side gotta swing to tha ride runnin through tha cut hit 95. Still bailin for safety we make it n chill! Gotta make a mill but I can't get caught for real! Nigga drop that bill never pop my steel! Me no competition! Never Fuck Wit my click, N so listen you bitches stay trippin so get with n when we smokin blunts nigga don't stiff on tha weed smoke it all cause nigga you know when tha fuckas get fried gonna run n get a sack Layzie B.O.N.E. Now you runnin wit these thuggish killas! Creepin up out of tha land! gettin read to ride, gettin high! How all my niggas in tha land got glocks wit days on tha 99, but I kill em all, dog be fakin tha fall cause we bustin on niggas so what now! Come nigga get buck pow when all of that done get shut tha fuck down! N I'm talkin bout niggas who want ta contend wit tha thugstaz so nigga thats fucked up, never no playa hatas in tha click so loudn never no bustas! Never catch me sleep here tha buckshots wit tha thugs in cleveland dwell daily, Collectin me mill N meet you in hell if all else fails oh well! (Chorus) (4x)